First Blog Post!

Hello word press world! This blog, tooschool4cool, is going to focus on reflections and ideas I am learning about in a class I am taking. I am a middle school education major and am taking a class on Content Literacy. I am trying to build a network of fellow education workers! I want to be a teacher because I loved school and appreciated the positive influences that some of my favorite teachers had on my life. I wish to have the same positive influence on my future students that these teachers had on my life. I also want to coach volleyball or basketball. I played both sports in high school and learned a lot about teamwork and working together and other skills that I think will help me in the “real world” and once again, I hope to teach other athletes these same life skills.

The articles we had to read for this blog post were very interesting. One thing I found particularly interesting was in the article “How Important is Teaching Literacy In All Content Areas.” This article described how the definition of the word “literacy” has changed over time. It used to be defined as being able to simply read and write. However, now the term is defined as being able to read and write, and comprehend and make understanding of what you read and write. I agree that sometimes you can read something but have no idea what you just read. That has happened to me before when I have been reading something for homework and thinking about something else, and before I knew it it was three pages later and I had no idea what I had just read. Another thing I found interesting was how they mentioned that speaking is part of literacy.

Some of the strategies mentioned in this article were ones that I recognized. “Think-pair-share” for example was one strategy that the article said was useful for engaging students in speaking, which therefore improves their literacy. I never thought about it in this specific way, but when the article mentions that “conversation helps immensely when processing new content and concept,” I very much agree with this quote. When you work in groups and can talk with each other through concepts, it really improves learning. I have seen this in some of my EMAT and MATH classes that I am taking this semester. We sit at tables in groups and often are given problems that we have to work through by talking in our groups and then presenting to the class. I have found that I learn a lot when we are all able to talk and bounce our ideas off each other. I also agree that writing is important in all classes and a part of literacy. Writing gives students freedom. No two students will write down exactly the same thing in exactly the same way.

Reading is also a very important part of learning. I remember all through middle school, teachers would always make us read out loud when reading text books or novels. At the time I hated it because I would think, “This would go by so much faster if the teacher was just reading it.” Reading is also something that students do daily without realizing it, but reading out loud helps them with literacy.


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