Hopes and Dreams

Teaching is something that I have always wanted to do. I used to “play school” with my dolls growing up. I had a white board and everything and that was my favorite thing to do. Now that I am going to be a teacher in real life, I definitely have some fears and concerns, but also I have some hopes and dreams for my career as a teacher.


One of the things I fear as a future teacher is discipline. I have always been kind of a push over and people-pleaser. This is not something that is necessarily a great quality of a teacher. I am nervous that when it comes time to have to punish a student, I will not know what is an appropriate punishment or how to go about delivering that punishment to them because I would not want them to be upset. I think that this fear was strengthened after this past semester when I was in a middle school classroom every Tuesday and Thursday. My mentor teacher was awesome and I definitely learned a lot. But there were times when she would tell us what she did when a student misbehaved. For example, she would call their parents or write the parents an email, or something like that. Most of the time, whatever she did to deal with their punishment, I would never of even thought of doing that to deal with the situation. I know that as time goes on and I get more comfortable as my role as a teacher, this will start to come more naturally.


Another fear I have is that I sometimes don’t know if I will be able to explain things clearly. Basically what this means is I get scared if I will actually be a good teacher. I’m sure every future teacher has a little bit of this fear in them. This fear is mainly related to teaching mathematics. Teaching math can be very hard because I don’t want to just say, for example, that a math process works because “I said so.” I want to be able to explain the deeper understanding behind the process and clearly demonstrate to students how to work through certain problems. Again, this is something that I will become more comfortable with over time.


Of course one of my hopes as a future teacher is to be a great teacher! I want to be someone that my students look up to and trust. I would obviously love to be “the cool teacher” J Overall, I really just want to have a positive impact on my future students’ lives and to educate them to the best of my ability. I think that some of the ideas I can use to do this come from Tovani’s Chapter 4. She talks a lot about different resources besides the textbook that can be useful in the classroom, but that sometimes this requires more work on the teacher’s part to find these resources. Finding different ways to educate my students in order to appeal to all different learning styles and abilities is one of my goals as a teacher. I understand, like Tovani mentioned, that every year more content is added to the curriculum and teachers are constantly trying to squeeze so much information into one school year. But this is a challenge I am looking forward to and I can’t wait to have my own classroom!


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