For this post, I was able to talk about whatever I wanted to relating to what we are learning in class and content literacy. I had kind of a hard time with this, as I am used to being told what to do and how to do it in all my classes. I am not complaining, however, because I think it is nice to be given some freedom to write whatever I want every now and then. But I did find it somewhat difficult to come up with something to write about.

Last week in class, we talked about differentiation in classrooms and how not all students will be on the same learning level. We discussed how in a make believe situation, parents were mad at you as a teacher because some students were being given more and harder homework than other students, and we had to write a letter to the principal explaining our reasoning for doing this. I think that honestly, it is a lot easier said than done that we will follow these same procedures in our classroom. It is a lot easier to say that as a teacher, we will have different assignments and lessons for those students with greater and lesser learning disabilities. As I have talked about before, there is only so little time during the school year to teach content, and teachers are always crunched for time to meet deadlines and get things done. So adding additional work in terms of lesson plans and classroom planning to a teachers schedule would be very difficult.

However, I think it is imperative to take all students learning ability into consideration when teaching. This is part of being a teacher- helping students learn to the best of their ability. And not all students are on the same level. That’s just the way the world works. So I think it is extremely important to make sure that teachers spend the time they need to develop lesson plans and ideas that appeal to all different types of learners and their different levels of ability. 


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