The Last One

This is weird that I am writing my last blog for this class! This semester has flown by and I have enjoyed this class very much. When I first started this class, I didn’t really understand what “content literacy” was. I had honestly never heard the term before. I obviously know what literacy means and I know what content means, but together, I did not know what this term meant. 

I enjoyed learning that literacy does not only refer to reading. It also refers to speaking, listening, writing, and communicating. I also learned how literacy can be applied in all classes and how important it is in all subject areas. When reading in math, it is important that students make sense of what they read. This also applies in social studies and science, not just in language arts classes. Writing can also be important in classes other than language arts. You can even incorporate writing in math classes! Sometimes this can be vital to teachers. If students write about how a math procedure works or explain a procedure through writing, it helps both the students and teachers. The students get to write out how to do a procedure which helps them express their understanding, and teachers can see if they really understand the procedure by reading their explanation. 

My definition of content literacy has not really changed since the semester started, I just have deepened my understanding of content literacy. I understand how important it is for all teachers to work together and make sure that students are understanding what they read and write. All teachers can work on improving students literacy in their classroom, it is not only up to language arts teachers to develop reading comprehension. 

I also really enjoyed Tovani’s book. That is a book I will keep with me and will probably go on my bookshelf in my future classroom. I really like some of the strategies she gives. I never really understood how important it is to keep getting new ideas as a teacher and Tovani provides some great ideas that I will use in the future.

Another thing I learned through this class was how important it is for teachers to continue educating themselves. It is so important to explore different resources for ideas and tips and strategies. A great way to do this is through reading books like Tovani’s and through creating network connections through things like blogs. I think that in a few years, I will greatly appreciate that we were required to blog in this class because it gave me greater exposure to how to navigate blogs and find things I think will be helpful. There are so many great resources and ideas in blogs throughout the Internet, and I am thankful that I was required to investigate the blogging world because I think it will benefit me in the future. I enjoyed this class and feel like I learned a lot!


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